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Golf Tips...The Golf Slice
Tips And Instructions On How To Fix A Slice.

Golf Tips

Golf-Golfing.com wants help you become a better golfer. Learn how to fix your slice, better understand the mechanics of why you slice and learn to hit the ball squarely every time.

Golf-Golfing.com wants to give you advice on how to fix your Slice. Our advice is only as good as you practicing what you have learned. The Golf Slice!

What is the Golf Slice?
A Slice is a specific left-to-right trajectory shape for a golf ball created by a significant tilt of the spin-axis of the golf ball to the right, or a clockwise spin. This is opposite for lefties. A slice usually ends up right of the target line, and the term is often used when the curve in the trajectory is extreme and unintentional. The less extreme version of a slice is called a "fade".

What causes the Golf Slice?
In understanding the basics of the golf swing, in order to hit the ball squarely and straight every time, you must return to the original spot at impact. A Slice is caused by the club face being slightly open at the point of impact, thus causing the ball to spin in a clockwise motion, (opposite for lefties). In most cases the swing path is correct, but the golf ball is not being hit squarely at the point of impact, commonly caused by what is known as a "weak grip".

A second factor that causes a golf slice may be swing speed and shaft stiffness. If you use a stiff shaft driver try a regular flex or mid flex shaft and that may correct your problem.

How to fix the Golf Slice?
The simplest fix for a slice is in the grip. By having a "weak grip", a grip that is turned more counter-clockwise, (opposite for lefties), can cause the club face to open at the time of impact. Start by turning your grip slightly to the right, (left for lefties), thus giving you a "stronger grip", not holding the club more tightly. Remember the basics and only hold the club tight enough to keep control. You should not have any tension on your wrist and forearms.

You may want to try increasing your swing speed by pulling the club farther back before swinging to fix your golf slice. I recently purchased a new Nike stiff flex 450cc driver, and started slicing hard. My previous driver was a regular flex. After increasing my swing speed I gained around 30 yards over my old regular flex driver, and am hitting the fairways roughly the same percentage of time.

Make sure not to bend over too far or round house your swing similar to a baseball swing. Bring your club back straight and follow through on the swing.

Point the label on the ball in the direction you want it to go when teeing it up. This way you can concentrate on the ball without looking up.

  • Stand Straighter
  • Bend Knees Slightly
  • Keep Feet Shoulder Width
  • Line Up Ball with Front Foot
  • Tip the Club Face in Just a Bit
  • Loosen Your Grip
  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball
  • Clear Your Mind
  • Now Hit the Fairway
I hope this helps fix your golf slice.

Golf Tips

Practice the stronger grip and check your results. Changing your grip should be slight, over compensating can cause other problems with your swing or begin to cause you to Hook. Most Slicing is from a "weak grip", but you must have the proper basics of a swing to properly correct your Slice.

Golf Tips...Get back to Basics Whether you are a beginner or have played before, knowing the basics will continue to help you become a better golfer. But knowing is not all, you must practice, practice, practice. What looks good on paper or on the Internet, is only as good as you applying it on the golf course.

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Golf-Golfing.com continues to help you shave strokes off you score. We keep it simple and provide you with the tools necessary to help you be great on the golf course. Give yourself the edge and see what we can do for you.

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