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Golf Tips...The Golf Draw
Tips And Instructions On How To Fix A Draw.

Golf Tips

Golf-Golfing.com wants help you become a better golfer. Learn how to fix your Draw, better understand the mechanics of why you Draw and learn to hit the ball squarely every time.

Golf-Golfing.com wants to give you advice on how to fix your Draw. Our advice is only as good as you practicing what you have learned.

The Golf Draw!

What is the Golf Draw and the Fade?
The less extreme version of a Hook is called a "Draw", and the less extreme version of a slice is called a "Fade". Many golfers find that they are only having a Draw or Fade with their longer clubs, and they are very accurate with their shorter clubs. Both the Draw and the Fade are both products of a stronger swing and can be normal. Many golfers use the Fade and the Draw to their advantage. Slight modifications to your swing will correct both problems, but be careful, tampering with perfection could lead to disaster.

Golf Tips If you you are consistent with either the Fade or the Draw, my advice would be to continue to play either shot, just slightly change your aim. If you are inconsistent in your shots and you sometimes, Fade, Draw, Slice or Hook, look into getting back to the basics and modify your swing to correct your inconsistencies.

Golf Tips...Get back to Basics
Whether you are a beginner or have played before, knowing the basics will continue to help you become a better golfer. But knowing is not all, you must practice, practice, practice. What looks good on paper or on the Internet, is only as good as you applying it on the golf course.

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Golf-Golfing.com continues to help you shave strokes off you score. We keep it simple and provide you with the tools necessary to help you be great on the golf course. Give yourself the edge and see what we can do for you.

"Best Golf Tips"

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